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(DJ and Producer/Live Act)

Carved from starlight far beyond the Lyran star gates, is Kloud Nin9, a multifaceted psychedelic music producer. On Earth, she is the daughter of the seas, born from the ocean breath. She is a master of reflection, refraction and the dispersion of the full spectrum of light. Music is her grounding effort- by weaving sacred frequencies, she binds her memories, her visions and her insights and presents them as a gift to her dancers; a gesture of gratitude and love. She has been said to bring sounds that vary like the seven world wonders of this planet- be sure to keep an eye out, some say she shape-shifts.

Kloud Nin9 has done lots of compilations and some for Glitchy.Tonic.Records and she released her debut album with us too.

Facebook (booking inquiries here)

Glitchy.Tonic.Records (Artist.Dj.Promoter)

Maia Brasil Records (Head Coordinator)

Psy-Sisters Collective (Project Manager)