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Released compilations:
VA - Fractal Tales 2//April 12, 2016…gtr069.html
VA - Fractal Tales//December 09, 2014…e/gtr052.html
VA - Hypno.Tembr//October 01, 2013…e/gtr040.html


Glitchy.Tonic.Records (label DJ)
Insonitus Records (label DJ)
Te4enie music (co-founder)


Asygen's passion for electronic music began in the '90s, from the time of the radio Station 106,8 FM, rave's crazy times, listening to the new and progressive music at the time, trance and techno.

After visiting many parties and listening to a massive amount of music, he tries himself out and organizes small psytrance parties, also being a DJ, playing dark psychedelic trance. Asygen organized many private trance events, travelled to Goa and Europe, met up with musicians and DJs and never stoped collecting music from minimalistic side of psychedelia.

Over time, his interest in this kind of music has grown into a profession and Dmitry became a resident DJ of the German music label Glitchy.Tonic.Records. During his time on the label he released three compilations:
Hypno.Tembr and Fractal Tales (1,2), which includes tracks of the world-famous trance musicians. His work on the label has not gone unnoticed and Dmitry is now also signed in English-Australian label Insonitus records.

Having a lot of fellow musicians/DJs around the world and supporting music labels ensures that Asygen always has unheard and unreleased tracks for his performances. In addition to trance music he collects vinyl techno records of a deep and hypnotic sound. Together with friends he is organizing a series of techno parties under the name of Te4enie. Techno he'll play from vinyl because it gives him a special feeling handling the vinyls and players. As a DJ he played in the Czech Republic, Poland, India, regularly performs in Russia.

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