Xenoscapes - The Hive Sanctum// June 20, 2010 [Download here via Ektoplazm]


01 - Inquisitor
02 - Mechanile
03 - Deep And Heavy
04 - Inspire
05 - Cerebral Mainframe
06 - Darkflow
07 - Gowana Grind
08 - You Majesties Lair
09 - Mind Deep
10 - Skys Of Fire

Xenoscapes (Benny McGrigor), an Australian psytrance producer, makes his formal debut with The Hive Sanctum, a full-length album released on German netlabel Glitchy Tonic Records. The vibe is deep, dark, moody, and minimal–an alien dreamtime populated by fantastic mechanical creatures creeping and crawling through the prickly undergrowth. Sparse, sprawling rhythms lay the foundation while eerie, brooding atmospheres set the tone–now it is up to the human mind whether these sounds can fully take form in this world.

Mastered at Anti-Logic, Berlin. Artwork by Benny McGrigor. Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.