G L I T C H Y . T O N I C . R E C O R D S
…is mastered by its "in-house" Anti-Logic Studio, Berlin.

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We are doing professional audio mastering for a lot of labels, commercial ones as well as net-labels. We're also working closely with a some artists.

Anti-Logic is a "budget alternative" for studios that have to live off their mastering services. We're taking a more altruistic approach and wanted to come up with a service that's affordable for independent artists/labels and net-labels too.

Anti-Logic Facebook
Get in touch if you're curious or have a job for us.

- mastering per track = 15€ / 22€…dependent on a few factors
- part of that goes to the owners of the professional studio where our magic is done
- our mastering service comes with full communication and comments on mixing issues, critical areas
- you only pay once you're satisfied with the final result

Go Straight over to the website for more infos !

Questions about general sound philosophies, our mastering approach and mastering gear will be answered if you contact us via
Facebook or radioactive.cake(at)
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