Kloud Nin9//Canada, Montreal

Voyaging 3,000 miles from her home town in Orange County, California, Kayla Shears aka Kloud NIN9 has plummeted into Montreal's underground psychedelic music scene with full throttle adrenaline. Kloud NIN9 brings forth some fat basslines intertwined with melodic and dark sounds swayed by the pacific ocean currents.
Kloud nin9 began this mystical journey in 2011 as a DJ with Logic Vision Records. Kloud nin9 is branching out into the world of music production at an international level, releasing her tracks on Various Artist albums.

Discovering music through voice, percussion, and piano, she has developed a distinct taste for organic and raw sounds. She dived into the music scene in her early teens, losing herself in between old school punk, reggea, ska, hardcore, psychedelic symphonic rock, and classic rock. The influence of this music draws out ominous harmonies and melodies with a hint of everyday life in all of her mixes. She hopes to offer tracks that are not just heard, but tracks that everyone can relate to.
Ps. Beware of Bass

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